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Thursday, 4 July 2013

6 Most Important Interview Question with Answer for Fresher and MBA Class Notes

6 Most important Interview Question with Answer

1.) Tell Me About your self ?

My name is Seema Verma , and I'm a senior at loreto High School, where I'm preparing to go to college for Management I'm good at public speaking, and I've been a group leader on several school projects . I want to get closer to the subject of Public Relation, so I think being the public relation officer in your office would be a good step for me.

2). What are your strengths?

My strongest strength is the ability to teach myself difficult material. Additionally, I have always excelled verbally and look forward to writing opportunities.

3). What are your weaknesses?

I tend to try to do too many things, leaving little time for myself. I have worked on balancing myself for the last several months. I am also working on improving my public speaking skills.

4). What are your Interests/ hobbies ?

Some of my interests include dogs, hiking, water sports, writing, reading (especially Chetan  Bhagat novels), skiing, drawing, crafts, and computers.

5). Which is more important to you, your salary or your job?

Salary is important, but I couldn't stay with a job that brought me misery when I could support Myself  doing something else; hence, my job is more important.

6). what kind of work environment does you like the best?

I enjoy working with friendly co-workers who can share a laugh while working hard and overachieving.

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Notes- this post shared here are base on my study in case you find anything wrong and missing points than please bring it to my notice.

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