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Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Nature of Management and MBA class notes

Discuss the nature of the management.

Nature of Management
The nature of management has the following features.

Universal process: - Management is universal in nature; it is applied in all types of process like commercial, social or political. Management exists everywhere in universe. The basic principles of management can be applied everywhere, whether they are business or non-business organization.

Continuous Process: - Management is a never ending process. Management is a continuous process because it always carries the past decisions for the future course of action to achieve organization goals.

Multi-disciplinary method: - Management is basically multi-disciplinary; it depends on the proper knowledge and skill of various disciplines such as economics statistics, anthropology, psychology, sociology etc.

Group activity: - Management requires the use of group-efforts to achieve their goal. Management is a vital part of group activities. Management unites with their goal what they cannot achieve individually.

Intangible force: - Management is intangible. It is an unseen force, but its presents seem in the form of results.

Social Management: - Management is a social process in nature, it essentially involves managing people, it concern to developing, retaining and motivating people at work place and also care of their satisfaction.

Coordinating force: - Management cannot do anything by them. They should get their work done by organization’s member. In the any organization, management coordinates the efforts of human recourse through orderly.

 Goal oriented: - Management is a goal oriented in nature. It works only to achieve particular goal which decide by the organization.

Relative, not absolute principles: - Management principles are relative not absolute, because they should be applied according to need and condition of the organization.

An integrative method: - Management integrated the living and non-living resources to achieve the desired goal.

  Notes- this post shared here are base on my study in case you find anything wrong and missing points than please bring it to my notice.

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